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Can I access treatment in the UK as an international student?

Hi, I am a student looking forward to pursue my higher education in UK . I wanted to know that as person living with HIV, how can I carry my medication from India to UK. Also can I get access to free HIV healthcare and medicines if I am travelling on a student visa? Please help me with my query.


Hi, how are you doing?

Yes you can access treatment in the UK. HIV treatment is free for anyone regardless their residency status.

Access is from sexual health clinics. If you have access to your medical notes this can help speed the process of accessing treatment in the UK. It will inform the doctor of how you have been treated in the past and what would be most suitable.

You can carry your medication into the UK. There are no restrictions in the UK for people living with HIV. Carrying a note from your doctor/prescription detailing that this medication is for personal use can help make things easier in the airport if you are stopped.

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