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Any info on HIV and teaching jobs in Thailand and Laos?

I am HIV + and want to apply for teaching jobs in either Thailand or Laos.

According to the website mentioned here, neither country has specific regulations barring HIV + people, but teaching Institutions may require HIV tests.

Would anyone know whether schools will then fail to employ that individual?

Thanks! I am on medication and healthy.


Hi there

The best website about HIV and travel/visa restrictions connected to HIV is: www.HIVtravel.org

We reference this in many of the online comment discussions. It sounds like you checked this site and these countries are good.

i-Base is focussed on treatment related questions but I have posted your Q online in case anyone with information can comment below.

I doubt that there would be any problems, especially in Thailand which has a long history of positive approaches to HIV, including a government company making generic HIV meds.
You could also contact the Embassy’s, anonymously if you prefer.

Good that your treatment is working well – and good luck with your plans.


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