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Recreational drugs

Will testing benzo positive on a drug test effect starting HIV treatment?

Does marijuana effect Biktarvy?

Does smoking snuff affect viral load?

Does efavirenz help chest pain and acid reflux after smoking meth?

How do I time ART with recreational drugs?

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Can I have a baby with my negative partner? I also smoke.

Will occasional unhealthiness effect my CD4 count?

Can HIV positive people use poppers?

Can i take recreational drugs with my HIV meds?

How do I safely use PrEP if I buy it online?

Can I drink alcohol with ARVs?

Can I take Marinol to increase my CD4 count?

What are the risks of cocaine on CD4 counts for someone on HIV meds?

Can I take poppers with Atripla?

My liver is reacting to my drinking, please give me some advice?

Can I take Viagra with efavirenz and Truvada?

I have just started medication and have a lot of questions…..

What is the mechanism of alcohol in lowering CD4 cell count?

Can we take recreational drugs when on HIV meds?

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