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Can I have a baby with my negative partner? I also smoke.

I had a stroke and I’m HIV+. Now I have started my ARVs I worry that my husband as he is negative. We are using condoms but now we need a child. I also smoke, will my ARVs still work?


Hi there,

It’s good you are on treatment. This is great for your health. Once you have been on treatment for a little while and your viral load is undetectable or very low you, the risk of passing on HIV through sex is very low.This means you can conceive a baby naturally. Please see this link for the details.

The fact you are smoking will not affect the way your HIV meds work. However smoking is bad for your general health. There is also evidence that shows that smoking is more likely to reduce life expectancy and cause more health problems than HIV.

You can find more information about the smoking and HIV study on our website.

And information about quitting here.


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