Q and A


What will happen to my skin if I miss a few days of treatment?

What will happen to me if my boyfriend is taking Acriptega and I don’t?

What will happen if I restart ART after two months?

I always forget to take my medication…

Why has my viral load not improved on ART?

Are there long-term effects from missing ART for a month?

How can I be resistant to an old drug if I only just tested HIV?

What will happen if I missed meds for 5 days?

I missed 2 pills, am I at risk of drug resistance?

Can I have a drug holiday?

How long will it take to be undetecable?

What do you think about drug resistance, fitness and transmission?

I took two of my ARVs by mistake, is this OK?

What causes virus to increase although you use ARVs?

How do I manage the next ten days without one of my meds?

Can resistance develop after a year with good adherence?

My partner and I are both undetectable, can I be reinfected if we don’t use condoms?

My viral load is undetectable, will it rebound?

Is there a risk if we are both positive but my partners viral load is a bit high?

Am I at risk from resistance if my partner is not yet on meds?

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