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My viral load is undetectable, will it rebound?

Is there a risk if we are both positive but my partners viral load is a bit high?

Am I at risk from resistance if my partner is not yet on meds?

What are the options to treat a multidrug resistant baby? Perhaps ibalizumab?

High viral load after treatment break…

I’ve missed my medication for 3 weeks, is this an issue?

Will HIV test window period before PrEP lead to drug resistance?

Do I have resistance to Atripla from shift work?

My doctor in Florida threatens stopping Atripla for bureaucracy….

Can I restart on Trivenz after a break?

I’ve been on meds for 3 years, why is my viral load still detectable?

After six months on meds, why is my viral load still over 15,000?

Will I be okay without Complera (Eviplera) for a week?

Am I resistant to my meds?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

My viral loads gone up, can I change when I take meds?

Can I reduce the drugs I take?

If I have unprotected sex with other HIV positive people will I get resistance?

What if my combination fails and can you help neuropathy?

Is my treatment still working or do I need to change?

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