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Is Trustiva prescribed as PEP?

Are symptoms on PEP related to HIV?

What can I do to avoid the side effects of PEP?

I vomited 10 afters after taking PEP…

Will 2 drugs work as PEP?

I used PEP for 14 days?

I was late and had unprotected sex while on PEP.

Starting PEP within 60 hours…

Should I take another pill if I vomited?

Does alcohol have an effect on TLD?

I was late with PEP by an hour and a half.

Using Stribild as PEP…

Will being late with PEP cause a rash?

I tested positive after PEP…

Should I extend my course of PEP?

I had sex on day 30 of PEP…

Is PEP 28 days or 30?

Am I having a breakout because of PEP?

Do I need PEP if my partner is on treatment?

Should I have eaten when taking PEP?

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