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Are there long term effects from taking Biktarvy as PEP?

Can seroconversion happen while taking PEP?

Will PEP work if I slept with someone not taking their medication?

Can I stop PEP if my parter tested negative?

I slept with my girlfriend while I am on PEP…

Am I at risk of further exposure if I am on PEP?

Will I need to change when I take PEP?

I slept with someone while on PEP…

Starting PEP at 53 hours…

Can I have sex while on PEP?

I switched PEP…

Do I need to take PEP again?

When can I test after PEP?

Can Reydin be used as PEP?

Will taking PEP sooner than 24 hours in-between doses reduce its effectiveness?

Am I experiencing side effects 3 weeks after PEP?

Are rashes a sign of HIV while I am on PEP?

How long should HIV ARS last when PEP medication fails?

Are D17/H pills PEP?

Should baby have nevirapine if I am not breastfeeding?

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