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Does Nevirapine cause runny stools?

My baby spits his nevirapine meds…

Can my baby have other drinks before 6 months?

I didn’t give my baby Ilvitrim for 6 days.

Should I stop giving my baby co-trimoxazole when I stop breastfeeding?

Should I give my baby food at 6 weeks?

Does my baby need nevirapine when formula fed?

Should I go back to breastfeeding?

Can I breastfeed if diagnosed in pregnancy? I am in South Africa…

Will my baby test HIV negative?

I missed a dose of ARVs while breastfeeding. Is my baby at risk?

I’ve stopped taking ARVs during pregnancy.

I gave birth early. Is my baby at risk?

Can I change the time my baby takes their ARVs?

Giving my newborn Nevirapine for 6 weeks.

Can my baby take Buscopan syrup?

Is Atroiza safe in children?

I missed a dose of ARVs and I am breastfeeding.

My baby is not latching to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding is not sufficient.

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