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Is it possible for a HIV positive male to have a HIV negative child?

Does pumping milk count as mixed feeding?

My baby has a cough. Does this mean they have HIV?

Why has my baby been given co-trimoxazole?

No meds for 10 days and I am breastfeeding…

Can I give my baby formula milk when she is on nevirapine?

I switched to formula. Is there a risk to my baby?

Can I give baby muthi wenyoni?

Can I switch to formula after 3 months?

I gave baby water and medicine?

When can I stop giving baby nevirapine?

Is there risk fo transmission to my baby not giving them medication frequently?

Is my baby at risk if I stopped nevirapine at 4 weeks?

How can I be positive and my husband and children be negative?

Can a breastfeeding child become HIV positive?

Can baby have breastmilk and cereals?

My baby has a runny stool.

Have I risked transmitting HIV to my child?

Can I give my baby formula and porridge?

I am waiting for my babies test results…

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