Q and A

Opportunistic infections

Are there side effects from starting ART with a low CD4 count?

Is HIV catching up with me for not being on meds?

Do these viral load results show that I don’t need HIV meds?

Am I okay if my CD4 count has not increased since starting ART?

What is the point? All I do is create utility bills.

Why do I still feel sick after being on ARVs for 2 weeks?

I have oral thrush. Does this mean I have AIDS?

When does HIV become AIDS?

Do open sores risk transmission of HIV?

What does it mean when my CD4 count goes up?

I am undetectable. When can I stop taking Bactrim?

Could health problems mean my viral load has rebounded?

Do AIDS defining infections occur at high CD4 counts?

How long will I live if I stop taking my medication?

Do I need to take ARVs as well as TB meds with a high CD4 count?

Is it okay to use ilvitrim?

Will anti-inflammatory foods help if I am on ART?

I am getting new problems after starting ART with a low CD4 count

Do you get joint pain after 5 months from HIV?

Is radiation or surgery is better enlarged parotid glands (parotitis)?

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