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Opportunistic infections

I am getting new problems after starting ART with a low CD4 count

Do you get joint pain after 5 months from HIV?

Is radiation or surgery is better enlarged parotid glands (parotitis)?

How does HIV affect lymph nodes in the body, and for how long?

Will Septrin increase my CD4 count?

My friend is having big problems after starting ART with a low CD4…

I’ve decided to start ART with CD4=28…

Is my doctor right to say other infections could kill me?

I am worried about my relative not on ARVs?

Are “fits” a late-stage HIV symptom?

Featured Has my question already been answered?

How can I increase my CD4 count naturally? Its 30.

How long will I live if I stop taking my medication?

Will I get infections if my CD4 count is 140?

My CD4 count is low and I’m losing weight, why?

I have some questions about ARVs, can you help?

Am I at risk of getting sick with my CD4 count over 500?

Why have I not put on weight?

I just started ARVs with CD4=42 and have rash and pains

Do I need ART with CD4 count of 770? Is is good that warts got better?

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