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Opportunistic infections

What is the point? All I do is create utility bills. I have stopped ART.

Can you get TB with a high CD4 count?

Why do I still feel sick after being on ARVs for 2 weeks?

I have oral thrush. Does this mean I have AIDS?

When does HIV become AIDS?

Do open sores risk transmission of HIV?

What does it mean when my CD4 count goes up?

I am undetectable. When can I stop taking Bactrim?

Could health problems mean my viral load has rebounded?

Do AIDS defining infections occur at high CD4 counts?

Is it okay to use ilvitrim?

Will anti-inflammatory foods help if I am on ART?

I am getting new problems after starting ART with a low CD4 count

Can you please tell me about the GeneXpert test for TB?

Am I doing okay after taking TB and HIV treatment?

Do you get joint pain after 5 months from HIV?

Is radiation or surgery is better enlarged parotid glands (parotitis)?

How does HIV affect lymph nodes in the body, and for how long?

Will Septrin increase my CD4 count?

My friend is having big problems after starting ART with a low CD4…

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