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Is HIV catching up with me for not being on meds?

I tested HIV positive when I was 22 years old and I never took any medication and I was never sick or have any changes on my body I also fell pregnant as soon after I tested positive I gave birth to a negative child and now I’m turning 30 in September.

A few days ago I started feeling a faint dizziness is now being positive caughting up with me now?


It is good to hear your history, but I am very worried if you have not been seeing an HIV doctor for all these years.

Even if you are not on treatment it is really important to have your CD4 count monitored, and your viral load.

HIV can cause really serious infections if you CD4 count is low. Modern HIV meds are very effective and easy to take and will prevent these infections.

This is important for you son as well as for you.

Please contact your doctor so that they can check how you are doing.


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