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When does HIV become AIDS?

Hi, I was diagnosed HIV in 3/12/2021. The last time I checked was 2/2019 and I was still negative. Let’s say I have been infected with HIV for almost 3 years. I just got my CD4 test and it is just 25. Why is it very low? I thought it takes up to 10 years to become that low. Am I in the AIDS stage? I am still very healthy and have no other infections. I’m shocked. I have only been taking ARVs for the last 2 weeks. Will it rise to above 350 and for how long?


Hi, how are you doing?

If you are currently healthy and feel well in yourself you do not have AIDS. AIDS is a progression of HIV and requires an AIDS defining illness. Given that you have no symptoms and are doing well this is not currently a concern.

25% of people are termed ‘fast progressors’. This means that only 1-2 years is required for your CD4 count to drop below 200 without using ART. How low your CD4 count is a measure of your immune system. A CD4 count of 25 means you are at risk of getting more infections than someone who is on ART or is HIV negative. Now that you have started ART your CD4 count should rise soon. This is a guide that will help explain this. Sticking to your current medication regimen is how best to get your CD4 count above 350.

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