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What does it mean when my CD4 count goes up?

What happens if your CD4 count increases within 14 days from 117 to 232?


Hi, how are you doing?

Your CD4 count going up is great news. It means your medication is working. Your CD4 count measures how your immune system is working. Below 200 there is an increased risk for opportunistic infection. Now that your CD4 count is above this there is much less risk.

A CD4 count in an HIV negative person is between 430 and 1690. As you continue to take your medication it is likely your CD4 count will increase further. This would show that your immune system is more stable and less impacted by HIV. This link will help explain CD4 levels further.

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  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Haikali, It is good to hear your CD4 count is continuing to go up. Given how well you are responding to medication it is likely your CD4 count can increase above 400. Having a CD4 count in a range of an HIV negative person does not mean you yourself will be HIV negative. Instead it means your health in this regard to equal to someone who is HIV negative.

  2. Haikali

    I have another question my cd 4 count now went to 342 can it go up too 400 and can it make it become negative when it goes too 400 cd4 count


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