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Am I still at risk of Kaposi’s Sarcoma (KS) on effective ART?

I was diagnosed in 2018 and a RITA test showed recent infection. I started Biktarvy straight away, undetectable fairly quickly and have remained so.

I eat well, keep fit, don’t smoke, I’m 59.

However, in the future, will I develop Kaposi Sarcoma?


Hi there

Thanks for your question and for letting us answer online.

Great that you were also able to start ART so soon after you became HIV positive. So long as you stay on ART, you are unlikely to ever have an HIV-related infection.

This means that KS will never be a problem for you.

Although a very small number of people on effective ART can develop KS, this is usually in people who were diagnosed much later and whose CD4 count went much lower.

A small number of older gay men who are HIV negative also get KS.

Great that you are doing other things to look after your long-term health.

best wishes



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