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Is life expectancy reduced by starting at a lower CD4 count?

Good evening. I’ve got a question that has been bothering me for sometime. I was diagnosed with HIV 5 years ago and my CD4 count was 200. Currently my CD4 count 790. So I’ve read on the internet and studies mention that even if you CD4 count rises. You still do not lead a normal life because of the lowest CD4 count before ARV initiation. So it has come to bother me a lot because I thought I would live a normal life expectancy.


Hi, how are you doing?

Your CD4 count is excellent. A normal range is between 430 and 1690. Your CD4 count shows that your ARVs are working and that HIV is being suppressed.

As your CD4 count is in a healthy range, this will not impact on your life expectancy – you can still lead a normal life.

Often these studies refer to the fact that starting at lower CD4 counts means your CD4 count may not recover to a normal range. If this is the case it is possible for life expectancy to be reduced due to opportunistic infections.

This is not the case for you. People who are adherent with their ARVs and regain a healthy CD4 count can. go on to have life expectancy equal to their HIV negative peers.



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