Q and A

HIV testing

Why is my partner not positive?

Could I really be HIV negative and do I need ART?

What is seroconversion and what are the symptoms?

Does my wife need more testing after 40 days?

Can COVID cause false-positive HIV test results?

Is my partner at risk when I am on PEP – or afterwards?

I tested positive but my RNA copies are not detectable…

Will I test negative after starting treatment?

I am waiting for my babies test results…

When can I test after PEP?

Have I risked being undetectable?

How long should HIV ARS last when PEP medication fails?

What does HIV-1 RNA Copies less than 20 mean?

Is my HIV test result above the cut-off value?

Can I assume my symptoms while on PEP are seroconversion?

My wife tested positive and is telling me I passed HIV onto her.

What does the number mean on my HIV test?

Why does i-Base not answer questions on HIV testing and transmission?

Questions about testing after PEP?

Will I be positive if my partner tested positive?

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