Q and A

HIV testing

My wife tested positive and is telling me I passed HIV onto her.

What does the number mean on my HIV test?

Why does i-Base not answer questions on HIV testing and transmission?

Questions about testing after PEP?

Will I be positive if my partner tested positive?

Can COVID delay seroconversion?

Should I use Atroiza as PEP?

Can I stop PEP after low risk?

Can I study in Malaysia?

Can I use PrEP as PEP?

Can I test while I am on PEP?

Starting PEP after 72 hours.

Am I undetectable after a year of ARVs?

Seroconversion after PEP?

Taking PEP for more than 28 days.

I tested positive and my husband tested negative.

Will taking PrEP effect HIV testing?

What are the early signs and symptoms of HIV?

My wife is positive and I’m negative, how is this possible?

How can an 11 year old child test positive but the mother is negative?

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