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  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Zee,

    Please talk to your partner.

  2. Simon Collins

    Discussion on this post is now closed.

    Please use this link to ask a new question.

  3. Zee

    I’m 8 months pregnant I’ve been in a relationship with my partner for 5 years today I find odimune pills in the boot of his car. He was hiding them. I’m afraid of my health and my child’s health will my child be positive? I tested in April the results were negative he never told me about his status. Please help this is killing me.

  4. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Precious,

    Its a very positive sign that your son has already tested negative. So what the sister told you is true. However, to know if your son is positive or not you’ll need to wait until he is 18 months old. For more info please see the following link: