Q and A


Can I reduce the drugs I take?

If I have unprotected sex with other HIV positive people will I get resistance?

What if my combination fails and can you help neuropathy?

Is my treatment still working or do I need to change?

My meds will run a few days before my next script?

How can I hold on to my job and take leave to get to my clinic?

My viral load is still detectable after six months on Tribuss…

Will this dual combination work given the drug resistance results?

Can i switch to taking my Tribuss at night?

Does everybody get resistance?

My viral load has increased, should I be worried?

I missed my dose by 3 hours – should i be concerned?

My viral load has risen to 200, what’s going on?

What causes viral load blips?

We are both HIV positive, what are the chances of re-infecting each other?

Sometimes i have to take my Tribuss at different times – is this OK?

What does a low but detectable viral load mean?

Can I change from lamzid & aluvia to Atripla?

I'm worried about my CD4 and have resistance, neuropathy and arthritis

Can I occasionally stretch my atazanavir dose to 32 hours?

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