Q and A


My viral load is still detectable after six months on Tribuss…

Will this dual combination work given the drug resistance results?

Can i switch to taking my Tribuss at night?

Does everybody get resistance?

I missed my dose by 3 hours – should i be concerned?

My viral load has risen to 200, what’s going on?

What causes viral load blips?

We are both HIV positive, what are the chances of re-infecting each other?

Sometimes i have to take my Tribuss at different times – is this OK?

What does a low but detectable viral load mean?

Can I change from lamzid & aluvia to Atripla?

I'm worried about my CD4 and have resistance, neuropathy and arthritis

Can I occasionally stretch my atazanavir dose to 32 hours?

Does unprotected sex affect CD4 count?

Can I develop resistance if I missed 4 days of Atripla?

How long will my wife need to take ARVs?

I changed treatment but why has my viral load increased?

Should I worry with viral load results of 94 and 114?

Will I get any symptoms if I do not take my med regularly?

Does taking Atripla with food causes resistance?

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