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Is my treatment still working or do I need to change?

Hi, I am hiv + and I’m on treatment now. I am worried my cd4 count is low. I tested it since frm January every 3 month bt it still the same at 211. my doctor said I should continue with this treatment since I was using it when I was pregnant in 2011. My cd4 count was good then but now is low. I am still using neverapine and combination of AZT and 3TC. I don’t know what to do cos I’m not using alcohol, smoking. Or can I use a booster or change the clinic plz help me I’m so stressed.



There are lots of things to talk about but the first thing is that you say this is causing you stress.

Your immune system is still doing pretty well. I don’t know how high your CD4 was when you were pregnant though. If you let me know I will answer in more detail

.Any CD4 count about 200 is still pretty good. Very few HIV related problems happen above 200.

If your CD4 count used to be much higher and has slowly been dropping since 2011, can you tell me your approximate CD4 history over this time.

Also, does your doctor ever test your viral load? This is a common test in many countries, though I know it is not used everywhere yet.

If you don’t have access to viral load, it is likely that there are fewer drugs available for another treatment. Please ask your doctor about this – you can show him this online answer if it helps.

Because you are well otherwise, your doctor might be saving the next combination for when your CD4 count drops a little lower. If this is the case, you could still ask to change combination now.

If your viral load is likely to be detectable, the doctor should offer you a new combination that includes a protease inhibitor and two other drugs (one of which will be tenofovir).

It sounds like you are doing everything else to look after you life – great that you visit your doctor regularly and do not smoke or drink.

I hope everything is well with your family too – please write back and try not to worry so much – everything is going okay :)


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