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Am I resistant to my meds?


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Because your viral load is detectable, even if its just detectable, the drugs may not be working as well as they should. This is because you should in theory have had an  undetectable viral load within 3 months. However, it can take longer, this is because it depends on what your viral load was before you started meds. And also what a persons adherence has been like.

If there is the possibility of resistance, then yes its important to have resistance tests done. Only then will you know if there has been a mutation. For more info please see here:




  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Grace,

    Usually when there is a change from 1st to 2nd regime its due to there having been drug resistance. However, this isn’t always the case.

    What was your first combination? How long were you on it for? What is it that you’ve been given now? Did your doctor explain why you were needing to change?

  2. Grace

    I am on second regime of ARV. Can I have drug resistance?


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