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We are both HIV positive, what are the chances of re-infecting each other?

My partner and i are both positive. He is on treatment and i am not because my CD4 is 740. We want to have a baby and he is worried about re-einfection. What are the chances of this happening?



It is great that you are thinking of having a baby.

Most couples  were either one or both partners are positive now conceive naturally. This means having sex without a condom.

Reinfection is only a concern if there is drug resistance. This only occurs if someone is on treatment, especially if viral load is not undetectable.

If your partner’s viral load is detectable this means he may have resistance. Even then, if it was still under 1000 copies/mL the risk would be low enough to conceive naturally. It would make it important to go back to using condoms afterwards though.

If you do become pregnant you will start treatment. This will help protect your baby from HIV transmission and is also good for your health!

You can find more information about reinfection online.

And information about HIV, conception and pregnancy in our guide.


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