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How long will it take to be undetecable?

My viral load is 5000. Can I be undetectable in weeks? I know that it takes 3 months but I have been on meds before. I missed a month and have been taking them for 3 weeks now. I also had unprotected sex several times will she be infected now that I’m back on my meds?


Hi, how are you?

Is there a reason you missed your medication for a month? It’s important to take your medication daily as to avoid HIV becoming resistant. This does mean there is a risk your medication may not work as well now that you have restarted them. Have you seen a doctor about this?

If your medication does work it is possible to be undetectable soon. Guidelines suggest that it takes 3 months but often people can be undetectable in less than 1. It depends how well the medication works. Starting at 5000 would suggest your viral load can be undetectable soon if HIV is responsive to the medication.

When did you have unprotected sex? If you have had sex at anytime you were unsure about being undetectable there is risk of transmission. This link will help you figure out how risky the unprotected sex was.

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  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Kaynina, when undetectable you will still test positive on an HIV test. This is because the test is looking for antibodies, not viral load. The presence of antibodies means there has been a response from the bodies immune system to HIV. Antibodies will remain in the body even when the viral load is undetectable.

  2. Kaynina

    Hi… if the virus is undetectable will it show non-reactive on the test results documents?


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