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Are blisters a sign of drug resistance?

My TLD fell in my bag and I’ve been taking it for some weeks I recently developed 2 blisters on my left hand and my dominant hand is right. I’m confused, could this be a cause of the ARV or am I overreacting? If I am what could be the cause of the blisters on palm and if so does it mean drug resistance?


Hi, how are you doing?

I am sorry to hear about the blisters you have on your hand.

No this is not a sign of drug resistance. What is your CD4 count and viral load?

Even though your TLD fell in your bag, have you still been taking daily? It is still going to work even though they fell.

Blisters are common. There are a number of causes e.g., burns, abrasions, rubbing. Are these blisters bothering you?

If they are different to blisters you have had in the past, or they do not go away please speak with your doctor about other possible causes. But they are not associated with your treatment.


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