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How can I access HIV injectables when not in the states?

Hi. I’ve been on Cabenuva in the States since March of last year, I will be doing work between the UK and EU and am not sure how I can access long acting injections. My health insurance doesn’t cover treatment, and the only recommendation I’ve gotten so far is to go back to the US every 2 months or start taking pills again. I’m incredibly forgetful with pills and traveling makes it worse, so Cabenuva has been life-saving (literally). Is there an easier way to access Cabenuva here in London or in EU?


Hi, how are you doing?

In the UK access to HIV medication is free and is regardless of residency status. Though the injection you are currently on is still not widely used. This is because it is a specific brand. A generic version of the injection is available.

If you are planning on spending significant amount of time based in the UK, you could register at one of the larger London clinics where access to injectables is easier. As you are already on an established injectable, it can make access easier.

Have you considered contacting clinics before coming here? You can access a list of clinics here.

When you do travel, make sure to do so early in your injection cycle. Also bring oral formulations, especially if you are leaving with less 3-4 weeks to arrange everything here. Carrying your medical notes and history with you can also help to speed up the process.


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  1. HDMR

    Thanks for the response. I didn’t know that there was a generic version. Hehehe. I don’t really care if generic or brand name, as long as I can get the meds. My injection time frame is between the 23 June and 07 July. I’m currently in Spain, then heading to Portugal, then back to Spain, then London. I hadn’t contacted earlier because my doctor had told me it wasn’t available in the EU or UK. I will try contacting the clinics. Thanks!


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