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My consultant found some fat on my liver. Should I be worried?

Do I need to see a doctor if I am stable?

What causes my CD4 to drop from 220 to 30 in less than a month?

How can I stop HIv showing up on my medical exam?

Are my cholesterol levels OK?….2

Is HIV causing my low platelet count?

Are my cholesterol levels ok?

I am recently infected should I get a STARHS test?

My liver is reacting to my drinking, please give me some advice?

Is ovarian cancer more common in people with HIV?

Do I legally have to tell my doctor about my HIV status?

What tests will they do before I start treatment?

What is the situation for HIV positive people on medication who have previous alcohol-based liver damage?

How do I know if the ARV dosage is correct when I have polycystic kidney disease?

Am I cured of hepatitis B and is it possible to still infect my partner?

Should I be worried about fibrinogen and c-reactive protein levels?

Can HIV meds interfere with a drugs test?

How often should my viral load be tested?

Does HIV affect the liver?

Bilirubin levels and yellow eyes after switch to atazanavir…

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