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Do I legally have to tell my doctor about my HIV status?

Good morning to all I’m aware this question maybe already put forward but I need clarity – when is it reqired by law to inform of a positive status when being referred to another department i.e. does it require HIV positive status to be declared if I need a chest X-ray since an X-ray isn’t an intrusive procedure and I’m extremely concerned about my information being given out so freely


Thank you for your question.

You did not say which country you are writing from. Each country has its own legislation regarding disclosure. In the UK you are not legally obliged to inform any consultant/doctor/nurse of your HIV status. It is at your own discretion.

Obviously you should way up the pros and cons of disclosing before you decide to tell anyone about your status. For example, if you decide not to disclose you need to make sure that any medication prescribed to you will not interact with your HIV meds. You also need to be aware that if a doctor knows about your status he or she will look out for HIV-specific conditions that they may not spot if they are not looking for them.

For more information about how and when to disclose please follow this link.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Charles,

    No. A doctor is obliged to tell someone the result of a HIV test. Do you think your doctor is keeping something from you?

  2. Charles

    Can doctor test you hiv positive and decided not to tell you that you are hiv positive??


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