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What does my blood test result mean?

My CD4 is 900, viral load 300. But one of my blood tests was below average(neutral field) or some thing like that. What does that mean?



Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, without knowing what the blood test you mention was looking at, I can’t comment on the result. If you are confused about what any test results mean you should ask your doctor or nurse to explain these.

Are you currently on any treatment? The reason I ask is because of your viral load test result. If you have been on treatment for more than 6 months you would expect this result to be less than 50, or ‘undetectable’. A viral load of 300 is fine if you are not on treatment, or if you started very recently. But if you have been on treatment for more than 6 months your doctor should be checking why this is not as low as it should be.


  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Yasmin – this is only a service related to HIV. Are you HIV positive?

  2. Yasmin

    I have been having blood tests for quite some time for B12 results coming back is 300 sometimes 400 never no higher I was for a while some years ago being treated for pernicious anemia with b 12 injections then they were stopped I have been having a lot of problems with weakness extremely weakness cold tingling hands and feet also I’m told becoming more forgetful

  3. Rebecca McDowall

    Hi Safric,
    Neutropils are a type of white blood cell that mainly attack bacteria and fungi, so people who have very low levels of neutropils are at increased risk from these infections.
    People with HIV often have slightly lower levels of neutrophils than people who don’t have HIV but it is unusual for this to be a serious problem in people with a CD4 count over 200. It’s a good idea to get this checked so that your doctor can decide whether it is a reason to be concerned or not.

  4. safric

    I have been going for my blood routine test for the last 7 years.My cd4 count has been between 800- 1000 (average 900) while viral load has been between 40 -400(average 300) but in the last test my doctor phone me and he said everything is normal your cd4 account above 900 viral load below 300 liver, kidney all ok but one test was below average not big problem to do test again. Am not on medication and i have never been. my Neutrophil are the ones which are below average what does this mean with my health? thanks


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