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Why has my CD4 count dropped? What about cholesterol?

Will scans from outside the NHS affect my free HIV care?

My skin became darker, what can I do?

Shall I expect my CD4 count to rise?

What is the 'window period' for twice-daily drugs?

What makes someone a fast progressor?

What is a genotype test – can we stop using condoms?

What does the rise of CD8 mean?

What kind of tests are used when somebody is HIV-positive?

Can I test for the CCR5 delta 32 deletion that reduces the risk of infection?

How are babies and children monitored?

How can I postpone starting treatment and what is a resistance test?

Are my results going the wrong way?

How to interpret blood results including CD4%?

Is this increase in blood glucose an indication of diabetes?

Is bilirubin of 46 mmol/L on atazanavir damaging my liver?

What do these other lab results mean?

Does increased bilirubin from atazanavir damage my liver?

Is CD4 count or CD4 percentage more important?

Which blood tests are used to monitor HIV treatment?

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