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Are my cholesterol levels OK?….2


Thank you for your answer on April 20th, under the heading ‘Are my cholesterol levels OK?’.

My Question was about my lab results on my lipid levels. You asked me to make clear where the points on between the numbers are. But the measurements in our area lab are different. So The lab test result states that my Total cholesterol is 165 mg/dL, my HDL 31 mg/dL and my triglyceride 310 mg/dL.

So are these results OK? To remind you I am taking tenofovir, 3TC and efavirenz.

Thank you again I am waiting for your reply.


Thank you for getting back to me. I see what has happened now – in your previous question we are talking cross-units! So using the units you have given of mg/dl you will see by following this link that the desired levels for cholesterols are as follows:

Total cholesterol:

Desirable – <200 mg/dL

Marginal – 200-239 mg/dL

High – >239 mg/dl

LDL cholesterol:

Desirable – <100 mg/dL

Marginal – 100 – 159 mg/dL

High – 160 – 189 mg/dL

Very High – >190 mg/dL

HDL cholesterol:

Desirable – >60 mg/dL

Moderate – 40 – 60 mg/dL

Low (heart risk) – <40 mg/dL


Normal (fasting) – 40-150 mg/dl

Borderline – 150-200 mg/dl

High – 200-500 mg/dl

Very High – >500 mg/dl

These results indicate that your total cholesterol, LDL and HDL levels are all very good and within the desired levels. The only thing that is slightly high is your triglyceride level. There are a few supplements that you can take to try to reduce these levels. For example, Omega-3 capsules taken can help to reduce levels. These often come as Omacor 1g capsules which contain 46% EPA and 38% DHA and require just 2 capsules twice a day. For more information please follow this link.


  1. Rebecca McDowall

    Hello Avijit,

    It’s not clear from your comment if you are HIV positive or not. i-Base are an HIV treatment organisation and not cholesterol experts. If your concern is related to HIV, or HIV treatment please let us know and we will try to answer your question.

  2. Avijit

    My LIPID profile test shows: CHOLESTEROL: 229(High), TRIGLYCERIDES: 267(High), CHOLESTEROL HDL: 31(Low), DIRECT LDL CHOLESTEROL: 141(High), CHOL/HDL RATIO: 7.4(High), LDL/HDL RATIO: 4.6(High), VERY LOW DENSITY LIPOPROTEIN: 53.4(High). These results have really saddened me. Are these results very alarming leading to a heart attack? What should I do to improve this? Please advise.


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