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Are my cholesterol levels ok?


I am taking tenofovir, 3TC and efavirenz.

I see changes on my lipid lab results every time I have one.

My recent result was, total cholesterol-165, HDL-31, LDL-72,and triglyceride 330. How do interpret this result? What should I do to lower the cholesterol and triglyceride level and boost the HDL?



Thank you for your question.

To enable me to give you a more specific answer it would help if you clarified where the decimal point was in the results. For example, is your total cholesterol 1.65 or 16.5? This way I can give you a more accurate response as the different results mean very different things.

To view the desirable levels of cholesterol to reach and what to take to lower levels that are too high then please follow this link.


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