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Do I need to see a doctor if I am stable?

I’ve been on Atripla for 3 1/2 years and my viral load has remained undetectable for 3yrs.
I have my bloods taken every six months.

Do I need to see a doctor every year for a full check up or is it OK to continue seeing the HIV nurses?

I don’t feel the need to see a doctor as I feel fine in every respect and don’t want to waste their time. I am 44yr old male with no other health issues.

Many thanks.


Thank you for your question.

It is good that you are doing well on your current combination.

Current BHIVA [British HIV Association] guidelinesĀ  recommend a move towards people being monitored every 6 months if they are stable, as is in your case. Your thoughts are therefore very much in line with the current trend.

You can, however, go back and see your doctor anytime, should your situation change or when you need to.

Best wishes.


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