Q and A

Living with HIV long-term

Why can’t I find a partner?

How long can I live without HIV drugs?

What food should I eat so that I have a longer life?

Can your CD4 count show how long you have had HIV?

What is causing my weight changes?

Will occasional unhealthiness effect my CD4 count?

I’ve restarted treatment and my viral load is high, what will happen?

How will 12 years of ART effect viral load? The CD4 count is 400.

What is my life expectancy if I start ARVs today?

Can I get rid of my HIV antibodies?

What will happen now I have stopped treatment?

What are the benefits of ARVs and the risk of not taking ARVs?

How can I hold on to my job and take leave to get to my clinic?

Can i-Base help with benefit assessments related to long-term HIV?

Is it ok to date someone else who is HIV positive?

Can my son gain weight again?

How can I tell my partner I am positive?

Newly diagnosed – how to handle efavirenz side effects?

What is my risk from stopping meds I’ve been on for 10 years?

Is it safe to take alcohol with my HIV medication?

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