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I skipped treatment for 2 years and am depressed.

I am on DTG+FTC+TAF. I am having persistent diarrhoea, loose watery stools daily 7-8 times. I lost my job and I am in a depression. I skipped my meds for 2 years. Now what should I do? Please help me. I am loosing my weight now, I am only 68 kgs. Please respond, what should I do?


Hi, I am sorry to hear how you are feeling.

Have you been able to speak with anyone recently? Family/friends or to your doctor? How long have you been feeling depressed? and did this start when you lost your job?

It is good to hear that you are back on treatment. Have you had any recent CD4 count/viral load tests since restarting your treatment? Were you on the same combination before?

How much weight have you lost? and over what time period?

How long have you been experiencing diarrhoea? and have you gone to speak with your doctor about this? Had you noticed your weight loss before this? Experiencing the diarrhoea that you have will cause a significant temporary drop in weight.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Ajay, why has your treatment changed 3 times? Your current combination is a newer version of TLD. It is safer for the kidneys. How long have you been on this new combination? and do you think it is working for you?

    If your symptoms of diarrhoea/weight loss don’t start to improve, you should speak with your doctor.

  2. Ajay

    I was on TLD later biktarvy and now DTG FTC TAF? What should I do should I do? Should I go to the doctor?


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