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Side effects make me not want to take ART?


A family member has HIV and is currently in a country where the medication is too strong and causing weakness and dizziness. So they refuse to take the medication.

I can bring them to a Western European country in about 3 months. Do you think daily Truvada would help to counter an increase in their CD4 count until I can get them a better prescription?



Hi, how are you doing?

Do you know the name of the medication they are taking?

Some HIV medication is better taking at different times of the day or with specific foods. Doing so means the side effects are less and people find the treatment more tolerable.

As an example, treatment that include efavirenz are better taken at night without food or with a low far meal. High fat contents can increase how much of this drug is absorbed by the body and makes the side effects worse. Taking this in the evening will also mean that side effects will be worse when they are asleep and it makes the day easier.

HIV treatment is usually a 3-drug combination. Truvada only contains 2. Truvada can be used to treat HIV but it is often used alongside another drug called isentress. Truvada can also be given as one pill in a 3-drug regimen alongside efavirenz called Atripla.

Do you know what your family members viral load and CD4 count is? and how long have they been on treatment?



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