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I have man boobs…

Hi I have man boobs that are large but I have not used efavirenz as was allergic to it. Mine are quite large started ART in 1999.


Hi, how are you?

What treatment are you taking? and what, if anything, have you used in the past?

How long have you had man boobs? And how is your weight in general?

Only efavirenz has been linked specifically to man boobs. Other HIV treatments have been linked to general weight gain which could lead to man boobs but this would be in the context of weight gain on the whole body.

A previous question similar to this has been asked here.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Gary, thanks for sharing this information. Of the medications you have listed, DDI is most prominently associated with gynaecomastia (the medical term for man boobs). Have you approached your doctor about this? and how long have you noticed gynaecomastia? For this to be appropriately managed you will need to speak with your doctor to decide how best to approach treating this, if this is something suitable to treat.

  2. Gary

    I started ART in 1999. 1st AZT (blood transfusion within 2 weeks of starting), 2nd DDI, 3TC, 3rd 3TC, D4T, 4th Indinivar,Ritonavir (Kidney failure within 2 weeks), Kaletra, Tenofivir, 5th Alluvia, Tenofivir, 6th Reyataz, Tenofivir,7th Abacavir (swelled up from waist down) Tenemine, 8th Reyataz, Tenemine


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