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Apetito to gain weight?

Currently l am on Kovatrax tablets. Due to life stress l have lost weight. Is it advisable to take apetito whilst on ARVs or are there other supplements l can use to gain weight?


Hi, how are you doing?

Yes. You can use apetito while using Kovatrax. There is no interaction between them so it is safe to take them together.

How much weight have you lost? There is little to no evidence about how well weight gain supplements work. It would be recommended to gain weight with developing muscle bulk and increasing the intake of a balanced diet.

As your weight loss has been linked with your stress, do you have any ideas how to reduce this? Regardless of how you are planning to gain weight, if you are not addressing being stressed this will still have an effect on your weight.



  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Liyema, apeitio is a weight gain supplement. As i-base is an HIV treatment charity we do not have specific information about apetito.

    Apeitio is a supplement in which there is no clear evidence backing how it works or what the side effects could be.

  2. Liyema

    There are rumors about Apetito on social media are they true. They said its dangerous to use Apetito some is rotten inside her lungs are damaged she went to hospital they she must go back home and for her last day of life there’s nothing that they can do

  3. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Linda, apetito pills do not have any evidence to suggest how/if they work. As people will hold weight differently, it is not possible to say where you will gain weight. It is impossible to gain weight in specific body areas.

    The only way to isolate certain parts of the body would be to exercise and train muscle groups in your bum and legs. This will aim to increase their size but this can only be achieved with muscle building rather than simply gaining weight.

  4. Linda

    Hi i have big breast and belly which im busy trying to maintain by drinking hot water which im not even sure if could help, but my problem is my small lower body bums, does taking apetito will help my lower part and not afect my upper body, im already a mass.

  5. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Tsige, this would not be recommended as there is risk of interaction between Fluoxetine and Apetito.

  6. Tsige Fekadu

    Hi l take floxotin tab 40 mg per day can i take Apeteto tab


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