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I took on-demand PrEP an hour earlier each day.

I took PrEP one hour before sex.

I missed my timings with on-demand PrEP dosing, should I start PEP?

Can Truvada be used as PEP?

Do I need to be on PrEP to have sex with my partner?

Can I be on PEP and have a baby with my positive partner?

Will Trenvir work a second time as PEP?

Late with the after sex on-demand PrEP dose.

Can PrEP be used as PEP?

Do PrEP and omeprazole interact?

Should I extend 2:1:1 PrEP if I was late with some doses?

I didn’t double dose for on-demand PrEP.

Can I use PrEP as PEP?

I took on-demand PrEP an hour late.

My partner wants to stop PrEP.

I had unprotected sex while on PEP.

Is TLD (Lavern) PrEP?

Will taking PrEP effect HIV testing?

Is unprotected sex safe after a course of PEP?

Do I need PEP if I was a few hours late with PrEP?

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