Q and A


Can I access PrEP in the UK?

Can my HIV negative partner take a pill to not catch HIV?

Does PrEP work for active partner and for oral sex?

Can i be with someone who is HIV negative?

Is there medication i can take to protect myself from HIV transmission?

Does my PrEP interact with recreational drugs?

Do I have to pay VAT when buying PrEP online?

How to take PrEP: daily dosing and other options?

How do I safely use PrEP if I buy it online?

Can I check PrEP from the Internet is genuine?

Can I get PrEP privately in the UK?

What is the difference between PEP and PrEP?

Does PrEP reduce risks further when viral load is undetectable?

Can I get PrEP on the NHS to help us conceive?

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