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My viral load increased after COVID…

I’ve been taking ARVs from 2010 and I have been doing great. After COVID my viral load moved from undetectable to 350. Then they changed me to Acriptega. I have been on it for almost 4 months now and now my legs are swelling. I also want to know if is safe for someone HIV positive to use miira cell product.


Hi, how are you doing?

It is good to hear that you have been doing great. x

Have you had any more viral load tests since this last result of 350? Other infections like COVID can cause a temporary increase in viral load. A second test a few weeks later confirms if the increase was temporary or if there is another cause. Have you had your CD4 count tested?

What was the name of the ARV treatment you were on before Acriptega? Acriptega is a generic version of TLD. Swelling legs is not a side effect associated with TLD. Have you mentioned this to your doctor? and have you noticed any other symptoms e.g., poor sleep, difficulty breathing or poor exercise tolerance?

Yes it is safe to use miira cell product. As with most supplements it would be recommended to take it at the opposite end of the day to when you take your ARVs. This is to avoid any potential interactions e.g., ARVs in the morning and miira cell in the evening.



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