Q and A

Starting treatment

Can I have a low viral load and CD4 count?

Will starting ARVs again work?

Why is my body itchy all over?

Starting treatment 6 months into my pregnancy….

Will starting HIV meds at 4 weeks protect my baby.

Is there hope my CD4 test numbers will go up?

I have pain in my chest since starting ART…

Why am I still HIV negative when my partner is HIV positive?

Why am I loosing weight after being on ART for 8 months?

Are there side effects from starting ART with a low CD4 count?

Do I need to monitor after a month if I have six months of meds?

What do I need to know before starting ART?

Should I be taking Atripla in the morning?

Why am I positive after so many years?

Hi, my cd4 count is 763. Do I still i need to take ART medicine?

Can I restart ART now if I stopped five years ago?

How long will I live if I am 18 and just started ART?

Can I safely have a baby if I have not used meds for 7 years?

Is HIV catching up with me for not being on meds?

Do these viral load results show that I don’t need HIV meds?

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