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Do I need to take the full five days of Paxlovid?

I tested positive for Covid last Tuesday. Diagnosed 2018, RITA test showed recent infection and on ARV’s straightway. On Biktarvy, undetectable and no other health issues. However I was advised to start Paxlovid. On day 3, metallic taste in mouth, stomach cramps. Do I really need to take this 5 day course or can I stop now? Tested negative for Covid today.


Hi, how are you doing?

Yes. It is still advised to continue with the complete course of Paxlovid even if you are testing negative for COVID.

The symptoms you have mentioned are common side effects of Paxlovid. To help with changes in taste drinking water and eating plain foods that you normally enjoy can help improve this.

As there are no long term side effects associated with Paxlovid. Your symptoms will soon disappear after you finish your course.

Even while testing negative, stopping early can risk more severe illness. If you do want to stop sooner you need to speak with your doctor.



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