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Can I have sex with my partner who is HIV positive?

Is it safe to have sex with my HIV positive partner who does not take treatment while I take my treatment?


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What is the treatment you are taking? Is your treatment ART or PrEP?

If you are using ART, the potential outcomes are depending on how your parter is taking ART also. If they are not taking it at all, there is no risk to yourself and you can continue with unprotected sex. However, if your parter is taking ART with poor adherence (not everyday), there is risk of them developing resistance – their HIV changing to not respond to ART. If you are taking the same combination, the problem then becomes that you could become reinfected by their resistant strain.

If you are taking PrEP and doing so as prescribed you are safe to have sex with your HIV positive partner. PrEP is just as, if not more effective than using condoms to prevent against HIV.

If it is not PrEP, it will not prevent transmission. There are only a few licensed medications that have been approved to prevent treatment. You should not be using HIV medication that is used to actively treat HIV as a means to prevent it.

Is there a reason that your partner is not on medication? If you are using a condom there is no risk of transmission. Regardless of either of you taking medication. If you and your partner are both on ART and they are not taking their ART regularly, condoms are the best way to prevent you becoming reinfected with a resistant strain.

You can still practise safe sex with your partner regardless of their HIV status. Your partner being HIV positive does not mean you cannot have sex. Choosing to use preventative treatment (PrEP), ART to manage HIV (to rely on U=U) or using a condom are all effective methods of preventing transmission and maintaining a healthy sex life.



  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Mesa

    Please see links here for Qs about testing and transmission.

  2. MESA

    Good morning i-base.I test hiv negative in 4th generation hiv test blood from vain after 37days of exposure is my hiv test result is conclusive.the girl that I have unprotect Sex with her she was in hiv treatment more than 14 months.


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