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My CD4 count has dropped while having unprotected sex with my partner.

Hi, I’ve been sleeping with my partner without a condom. I do not know his status and I’m on HIV treatment, my CD4 count has been above 250 for the past 4 years. My blood test shows that my CD4 count has dropped to 225, does this mean my partner is HIV positive?


Hi, how are you doing?

Do you know your viral load? This is the best way to determine if your parter is at risk.

Have you heard of U=U? It means that if your viral load is below 200 there is no risk of sexual HIV transmission to your partner.

What was your most recent CD4 count? A CD4 count is not a stable number and can change between tests. The count can be affected by a number of things when it is being tested. The time of day, exercise, other infections all impact what level your CD4 count is. Do you have access to find out your CD4 percentage? This is more stable and can give you a better idea of your immune systems health.

While you have been on HIV treatment it will help prevent you from other HIV transmissions. This means that even if your partner does have HIV, there is no risk of transmission as your medication will protect you.



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