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How long can I live with HIV?

Hi, for how long can I live with HIV while on treatment? How does the reinfection work?


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While on treatment, people with HIV can expect to live as long as their HIV negative peers. Often people with HIV can live longer as they are more involved in their health care. This allows for more incidental findings of ill-health and allows them to be treated earlier.

Reinfection is known as superinfection. It means that someone living with HIV is infected with another strain of HIV. HIV has the potential to mutate in peoples bodies. Each mutation is unique leading to a strain different from someone else. When superinfection occurs, the new strain can replace the existing or exist in conjunction with the old. This event can be hard to treat as often drug resistance occurs through the joint resistances of the two strains of HIV within the body. Remaining compliant with your HIV medication can help prevent this.

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  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Nana, there are no interactions between ARVs and alcohol. In this circumstance there will no issue. This is a question that has been asked previously with more information: https://i-base.info/qa/492/

  2. NANA

    I want to know if taking in alcohol whiles also taking your HIV medications can cause any harm6


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