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What will happen if I restart ART after two months?

How do I change the time I take efavirenz-based ART?

I was late with my last dose of on-demand PrEP…

I have missed taking my pep for more than 24 hours what should I do?

Have I been storing PrEP correctly?

Is there risk fo transmission to my baby not giving them medication frequently?

Is missing by TLD dose by 30 minutes a problem?

I’m going to be late taking PrEP…

Do I have AIDS if my CD4 count is below 200?

I missed 2 days of medication.

When is the best time to take Ranega?

I missed my dose of PEP for 36 hours?

If I am positive, can I have a healthy baby?

I missed my dose by an hour?

Can I take my treatment at 1 o’clock everyday?

Can I restart treatment after 2 months?

I always forget to take my medication…

What happens if I miss TLD for a month?

Can I change the time of my medication from 9pm to 11am?

Is injectable ART available in the UK?

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