Q and A


Skipping TLD for one day?

I have taken Paxlovid wrong…

Will 2:1:1 PrEP dosing work?

I have not been having food with PEP…

Do I need to increase the dose of NVP when baby gains weight?

I am going without meds for 2 weeks…

I was 45 minutes late with PEP…

How do I switch the time of my treatment?

Is it safe to continue having sex?

Are there benefits to switching to TLD?

Rate of CD4 increase after 2 years…

Can I change my workplace schedule?

Why have I been feeling ill since starting treatment?

Can I give nevirapine 5 hours late?

Why has my CD4% not gone up?

My viral load is more than 100000…

Why is my CD4 count fluctuating?

Can I stop ART for a few months as my meds were stolen?

How can I keep my viral load undetectable?

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