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Do I have to take two dolutegravir?

I’m currently on Isentress and I plan on switching to Tivicay.
I have only been on Isentress for 4 months.
I know the recommended Tivicay dose for INSTI experienced patients is two 50mg pills a day, but I wonder if taking Isentress for such a short period counts.
I really don’t want to take two pills.

My viral load is undetectable.


Thanks for getting in touch.

Other than the raltegravir, what else are you taking? If you could let us know, I’ll be able to tell you if you could just take one dolutegravir and not two. Also have you had drug resistance to other INIs, so in your case Isentress? If you have, then you will need to take two¬†dolutegravir. For more info please see here:


If  you only want to take one tablet a day, have you thought about a fixed dosed combination instead?

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