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CD4 of 658, is this OK? Will it tell me when I contracted HIV?

I’m positive and my CD4 is 658, viral load is 1170. This is my first time to be tested and its overwhelming, is there anything I should be worried about? Or does it mean I got infected long time ago?


Thanks for getting in touch.

It common to feel overwhelmed with having tests done that relate to HIV. In time this should get easier.

Your CD4 is high, this is a good thing. Though your viral load is still detectable, its not high. However, it still means that you can transmit HIV. Are you on treatment? If you are how long have you been on it for? If you aren’t on treatment, then this is something that you should consider.

With regards to knowing how long you’ve been positive for, this isn’t possible to say. This is because a CD4 count can’t tell you this. What you’ll need to do is think about any risks that you’ve taken. This may help you to understand when you became positive.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Abraham,

    What sort of support do you need? Where do you live?

  2. Abraham

    What can I get governmental support from?


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