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I’m on Tribuss, does the dizziness go away?

I am on Tribuss, its been a week. Does the dizziness completely go away or just get milder? Am I going to feel this seasick feeling every night of my life?


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Dizziness is a common side effect when someone first starts Atripla (Tribuss is a generic version of this). It usually goes within a few weeks. If it doesn’t then you may need to change your medication. For more info please see Q 4 here:


and the following:



  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Nonhlanhla, As Lisa says above the dizzyness usually goes within a few weeks. But you can talk to the clinic about changing to other treatment if these symptoms are bad. But it’s recommended that you take Tribuss at bedtime. You can read more info here.

  2. Nonhlanhla

    I started tribuss a month ago now I feel dizzy throughout the day I always feel sick these symptoms weren’t there when I started tribuss what could be the problem


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