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Do I need my CD4 retested?

I have been undetectable for about 3 years, and I received my results yesterday. My VL was exactly at 20, and my CD4 was around 320. (previously 360, before that around 280).
My doctor has told me to not worry, since this is more than likely a blip. Obviously easier said than done. He said I don’t need retesting until 3 months from now. Is that typical? Should I be getting a repeat VL now?


Answer: Lisa Thorley

Thanks for getting in touch.

A CD4 count drop of 40 when you have an undetectable viral load isn’t anything to worry about. So yes, I would agree with your doctor that its a blip. For more info about CD4 blips, please see here:


With regards to when should you have your CD4 and viral load tested again, this all depends on where someone lives and if a problem is suspected. In the UK its common to have a CD4 test done once a year and viral load twice once undetectable.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Michael,

    A viral load of less than 50 copies is excellent. This means that the meds are working, and working really well. Your HIV is under control. It also means that you can’t transmit HIV through sexual intercourse.

    When you started meds what was your CD4 count? And how long have you been on meds?

  2. Michael

    My viral load as of last labs was less than 10 my cd4 is at 192. Should I be worried?

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi worried,

    A viral load of 20 is excellent. This means that the meds are working and that you’re undetectable. What this means is that you can’t transmit the virus through sexual intercourse.

  4. Worried

    What about the viral load at 20 now?


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