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Are immune boosters any good?

Can immune boosters help increase your CD4?


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The only thing that can help a person improve their CD4 count is ARVs. If you’re on meds, you’re already doing the best thing possible.

For how to live well with HIV, please see here:



  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Sarah,

    If you have a rash this needs to be seen by a doctor.
    It’s ARVs that increase a persons CD4 count, so if you’re taking these you’re already doing the best thing possible.

  2. Sarah

    Ii am hiv positive and diabetic and I developed itching rash all over my body I went to the clinic where I take my arvs they just give me allergex but is not helping can it be my immune system what can I do to boost it

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Anonymous,

    What medication are you taking? What boosters are you thinking of taking?

  4. Anonymous

    Hi, I just found out about my hiv status and immediately started taking arvs as advised by the doctor. I’m a marathon runner but was told I can’t take energy boosters, I find it difficult to run 42 without any boosters what can I use. I am going for 56 end of march


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