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Why has my CD4 dropped?

My viral load is undetectable, however my CD4 count has dropped, is this normal? I’m in good shape and I look after myself.


Thanks for getting in touch.

CD4 counts can and do fluctuate. but to answer your question properly it would help to know how much it dropped and what it is now.

However, because your viral load is undetectable, this is likely to all be fine.

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  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Vaalsebk,

    This is something that you’ll need to talk to your doctor about. And yes, its possible to have warts more than once.

  2. Vaalsebk

    Hi I have warts on my unal and early this year I went in and have them cut off,it went well for some time and now I. Noticed the warts came back and now it is bigger and white in coulor when I check it and it is not painful but it irritate me after helping my self from toilet and it worries me a lot.what can be the cause of reappearance after having it removed and burned.is it normal.
    I am.on the ARV,s for 14 years now

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Mbalenhle,

    I can’t say what the chest pains could be, therefore you’ll need to talk to a doctor about that.
    If you stop taking your medication your viral load will rebound and your CD4 count will begin to drop. Therefore, this isn’t advised. The best thing to do is to take a 3 months supply with you when you go to the other country.

    There is some research that says you can take certain meds less often, by this I means every few days and with Atripla. However, meds should be taken every day.

  4. Mbalenhle

    Im 37 years and im hiv positive i than started taking treatment in late June 2017 my cd4 was 200 and vl was 35000.I was healthy on starting trivenz but from day one until now im feeling a lot of pains on my stomach and my chest is also burning sometimes i asked for a blood test in 3 weeks ago and the results came saying cd4 is 146 and vl is 200 000 i then conducted tests in other 2 duffirent labs and the other lab says the cd was 246 and the viral was 1 the other lab says cd4 was 266 and the viral was 1 so im now worried about the results from the first lab what must i do because this lab obviously have wrong results secondly im working in another country for 3 months im now thinking of either stopping the med until im back in SA or taking the meds and always skip one day like taking it monday and wednesday and friday and sunday can i do that? im really confussed .Because the pains are too much and i use to take the med just around 8:30 at nighth and i eat at 5pm.


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